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Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and welcome to the Idea Bank!!!

As the Bethany Church continues to move in the direction of reaching it's membership and community on a more personal level, Bishop Hodge and the staff of The Bethany Church would love to hear from you!  


Your input, ideas, suggestions and your God-given ability to create and reach God's people is much needed in the Kingdom.

We welcome your input as well as share your desire to build the Kingdom of God. Your feedback will assist The Bethany Church as we transition more toward meeting the more specific needs of God's people.

Please complete the form below and click Send to submit for review.

Your Idea

What area(s) will your idea affect? (Check all that apply)

Idea/Suggestion Details

Contact Information (Add your full name, phone number and email address)

DISCLAIMER: This page should only be used to submit ideas for ministry. Please refrain from adding anything that is not meant to uplift the ministry, to strengthen and encourage God's people and to build the Kingdom of God.

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